Penning, Just For The Soul

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 10:21 -- Tymoni

Writing is my pain.It is my silent cry for help and as I dig within myself to form these words I feel my pain in the midst of my throat. So I continue to write as my heart begins to feel heavy and my brain expands, or so it seems. And here I am, trying to establish a piece of my dreams. Because I just want to show you the beauty inside my soul, rather than the pain that my eyes tend to disclose. Truth be told, I just write for the people who have a story and can’t speak. The ones who have tears, but won’t dare weep. The ones that smile like life is the cherry on top of a sundae, when in reality life is the feeling of a sinner on doomsday. Pure hell. And we are shushed and told not to tell, so I yell, for the people like me, inside my poetry. Yes, I write for us, the ones that come from the bottom and are still limited to the back of the bus. But, by all means, its no rush for us to smile at someone and tell them they look nice, cause we can see their insides. We can tell that they may feel how we feel. So still, I go home and I say a prayer for the ones like me and then I open my book of feelings and start a new page. ‘Cause I felt a new rage when I seen another “me” today. I pen about how it would feel to give in and how life may soon bring me to my end, but then, I smile. Because regardless of my bad days I believe that God can always make a way. So there I am, writing my heart in a book as if it were going out of style. Writing is my work of art so I paint the chains gold in my pictures, trying to show my roots how we have turned from the mission. How we have given up our dignity for a pair of designer chains and how we still stand in the middle of the street as if there is no rain! I write my pain! I write it for you, so you can possibly change your mind about me because others aren’t strong enough too. Weren’t strong enough to have a conversation with me to see the correlation with me and tears. But its been years and I’ve since then come out of depression so I’ll give you my reason for penning… my confession. I write just to see the foundation of our bricks be built and for the windows to be put in to our homes without a tilt and the roof be made without a leak and our door be able to be locked but we can still see. If you don’t understand why I write still then I’ll make it more simple. I write for all of us, so we are no longer unaware of our mental… take on issues. We can now see how simple… life will never be. I pen to feel belief that nothing lasts forever and my endurance is built for the end. I pen for my Kings and Queens all over who still haven’t accepted their roles. ‘Cause everyone seems like someone’s slaves and it’s time to let go. So I PEN! And even though I never mentioned them I also pen for the government who won’t listen and who won’t quit until they rule America. But America was built on History that they don’t always teach in books. Yes, I’m penning so the truth can no longer be overlooked. They took! So we can TAKE back the mistake of all of our fates… and we can pen because in our hearts the words will never erase.


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