The Pearl pt.1

Ready aim, After the frst few days

She walks up coated in chocolate and then says

what is it that you claim and why do you live in vain

Just caught up on how devine she looks as I think

What is going on in that beautiful feminine head of yours?

Hoping theres more to come from it

I'm feeling this so please dont run from it

I felt it


She probably has the luscious lips as well

But only time could tell

Goodness gracious, girl u fine as hell

Embodies the beauty that I was craving for

The type of affection that stems to the core

The type of affection that I cant ignore

Her smile so sumptuous it leads to allure

Lured in, since then I've found a cure


So I be acting like I won a permanent trophy

Top of my palace so they cant dethrone me

My minds spun, they cant control me


She got the body of a goddess

curves crafted so beautifully

she walks so elegantly

she speaks so eloquently

And she truthful when she stares I think its evident

Her love is rooted deeply and its relevent.





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