Peaceful Slumber


                 How can we be such a fool to try and avoid the angel who ends natural living?                                                 Humans   can be ignorant for not understanding their tests.

Death may be scary but Death is the only way to bring peace and rest.

Death is the pathway to take you to the other side that is soothing and relaxing.

Why avoid death when you know that you are tired of living on this level

and that you need to jump into the next level but instead you want to carry the soul of the devil?

Why wish to be a youth when the youth is still vulnerable to wither?

 Why wish to be immortal when knowing that immortality means more sadness, pain, suffering and evil spirits inside you?

Death is our friend, our burial.

We should celebrate and not cry when death comes to take our love ones to the place they deserve to be

for they lived their life to be a shining beacon for all to see.

Death is not evil as you may think.

WE are afraid of the grave but we will not be bound by it everyday

 for our soul will rise up and be free from all the troubles in the world that has deceit. R.I.P is not the only meaning for Rest in Peace.

 R.I.P can also mean Reaping Innocent Prize.

R.I.P can also mean Rapturing In Power.

R.I.P can mean Running In Pastures.

Great meanings for living in eternity.

We should not be weary or be afraid for our time will come

 when Death comes knocking to take you to that eternal home

For Death brings a peaceful rest... an eternal slumber... it cycles around us

To our last breath


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