Peaceful Night Tornado Day by Ana Maria King

Last night the breeze sang a lullaby.

This dawn it screamed in howls.

The distant rumbling approaches,

Unlike the peaceful quiet of last night.

The wind is lifting swirls of leaves.

Unlike the soft zephyr of last night.

No light penetrates the swamp,

Last night the moonlight flooded .

The birds and frog sounds muted ,

Last night a concert from the pond.

Green clads the atmosphere.

Last night the star dust clad the night.

Then an eerie quiet mutes all but drips.

Last night the song of life in cricket chirps.

The wind is inhaling ,filling its vast lungs.

Last night the wind breathed softly,

Today when it exhales the house foundation rumble.

Last night the wind was glue for peace.

Now debris is lifted and used to ram the walls,

Last night the walls were a fortress.

The roof vibrates and we pray without ceasing.

Last night we went to bed without praying,

The sound of jet engines approaches.

Last night distant jets took off from th airport.

The great thud and small earth quake shake.

Last night the sound of gently rustling leaves.

I hear a whoosh like the brush of wings.

Last night angels stood and watched.

Today a tree limb has landed on my car,

Last night the angels were in place.

Today  the car is not damaged, 

Last night angels posed to catch.

Today it came to rest upon  the roof without crushing it.

Last night we slept safely under roof.

Today safely through tormado passed.

Today we pray without stopping .

Last night we watched tv.








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