Peace for those Above I Love

Success, Money, Art, Nature 

The world overflows with inspiration

Success, Money, Art, Nature all lingers in its beauty towards the end

Lingering of this beauty compares not to the peace

The peace we wish didn't need to leave 

Such peace we have not known for some time 

Becoming the only thing we desire

Inspiration is innovation 

Innovation becomes the upheaval battle they call our lives

Our battle's victory sounds so inspiring

A battle cry inspiring the will to survive

But that cry has died out early in my life 

All that remains is the Sun that brightens my days

And Stars which light the way throughout my night

All under the Sky who inspires our might

What inspires me you ask? 

It's simple and sweet 

It’s my Star’s smile seen everyday

So bright it covers the dark sky with twinkling lights 

Sadly, that smile can never hide the tears raining from her Starlight 

Now the Sky becomes engulfed with the balck clouds

No longer can I see the clear blue Sky today

For she is weighed down by her worlds pain 

And it is such darkness that threatens to take my Sun away 

Such darkness inginting the Eclipse within her mind 

I only wish to see the coming days filled with my Sun and Stars

The day where they dance in each other's presence once again 

To see the clear blue Sky I remember from my childhood so long ago

I wish to show my Sun and the Stars the claiming Blue Moon they long-for

Allow the Sky to see such a calming day alongside its peaceful night 

What Inspires me is simple

A life free from hardship and hate always yelled towards my beautiful Sky

The Sky which I saw the moment I opened my eyes 

For the tears and pain that drown out my Stars to dissipate

My Stars who will forever be the wonder in my life 

And the Sun to escape the darkness that threatens to engulf her mind 

For she is my will and laughter I have had all my life 

They inspire me to build a better world 

Where our future nights and future days are filled with peace without suffering 


This poem is about: 
My family


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