Peace Of Mind


For so long i struggled with unhappiness.

Looking into the mirror, wishing the pigment of my skin was just a tad bit fairer 

That if so life would be a lot easier.

For me, just living wasn't even worth it

There was many times where i have "completely lost it"

Words from the past that continued to cut so deep and penetrate my skin oozing out the pain from within

Everything got out of control, I cant handle myself anymore

The person in the mirror was my biggest enemy

She hated me so much and i couldn't understand it , she looked through me.

I lived like this for years and no one knew.

Till one day i looked into the mirror and she looked different.

She looked me in my eyes and smiled and told me " You are beautiful. You are kind. You are important."

Such simple words she spoke, but somehow became the lighting to my tunnel.

Days went by and i realized i wasn't down and out.

Life was different now.

My vision was a lot clearer.

My body felt a lot healthier

My mind was finally at ease

So now we both walk this world together as one.



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