Peace in Love and the Dark

Freedom takes on various forms like fake friends do,

They change based on who they take a liking to.

When I am alone in a quiet place is where I feel tranquility,

I don’t have to exert my battery life on others who don’t appreciate it, I can be myself.


When friends make you believe you’ll be judged,

That’s a sign that you need new friends, I know this.

I must hide my true self or else I’ll get the piercing stare,

The stare that freezes you into a statue and makes you feel like the world crashed into you.


I can escape that piercing stare through my bestfriend, my boyfriend,

He loves and brings out my hidden self, making me feel comfortable.

I can escape that piercing stare through simply laying on my bed in the dark,

The darkness envelops me in its sweet and calming embrace as I talk to him.


When I go to a destination by myself or I’m independent without my parents around,

I don’t feel the constant pressure or the constant demon behind me telling me I must behave.

I know I can behave by myself, I don’t need someone to do that for me,

Which is why I do everything I can to stay out of the house, even if that means extracurriculars.


Freedom takes on various forms like fake friends do,

The freedom I need and want is to be myself around anyone.

I don’t need to be told what to do, and I don’t need to feel constant pressure from friends,

All I need is my boyfriend, peace, and the dark so I can finally be myself without being judged by anyone.


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