Peace and Love


United States
39° 58' 33.546" N, 75° 15' 13.464" W

It doesn't matter what color we are
black, white, purple? green??
We need to come together as one and fight against these mean, mean streets
these rap starts talk about their crazy cars, spittin’ crazy bars over a hot beat
but yet they don't understand, the younger generations are still in the streets
They talk about how they are "livin'", but we're not livin' yet
but yet we're living in a recession and I get so angry sometimes
I feel like I’m in a mental session all I can speak is brok-en sen-ten-ces and frag-ments.

And they also talk about sexuality
I know it's a reality but,
There is no reason why they call this girl a smeeze
Just because she is a little easier than the girls that you've seen before,
She settles for less and never asks for more
And she wonders why she gets the title the whore

The lies they speak
Bleed through our generation and that’s what penetrates the mind
This is why we cry

I strive for a better tomorrow
so no more sorrow will oppress me
My mind will not let me
Follow in their footsteps
Gangbangahs, Pimps, thugs
That’s not for you, me, us.... that’s for them

So why can't we as a nation be the anti-drug
Why must we be the gangbangas pumps and thugs
We are the ones that will suffer
And we are living on mother earth so why don't we love her?
And God is watching from up above
And no matter what we do,
He still loves us

You, Me, Us, We, need to find that love
And I know there are many problems in our generation
That need to be solved but I think I have the answer to one resolved
Get rid of the guns that cause wounds
Get rid of the beatings that cause black and blue bruised
Throw away the tools used to hurt one another

Dang My Sistah My brothah
is that what we have come to?
why are we running from ourselves?
Me? You?
There is no where else to hide there is no where to run to?
this is what peace and love can do

You, Me, Us, We
Need to spread that love
And I know there are problems in our generation that cannot be solved
But I think I have the answer to violence resolved,
Peace and love


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