Pay Attention! No, I can't.

The fidgeter,

The space cadet,

what do they say?

A person,

an animal,

With the same attention span, 

no way.


They make fun of us

when we try to fit in

They point out our flaws

As if we're aliens


The impulsiveness

the swinging of moods from hot to cold

Sadly what we go through is not understood

It is frustrating and rather old


To say that I'm just a label is not being me

I have something to tell you that I see 


A girl with purpose

who wants desperately to teach

A person who adores music

and it's within her reach


However I must say 

the challenges I face

The time management, lack of motivation

I find my mind is either here or in space


What is it that I struggle with, you say?

Watch as my story unfolds today.


From a little girl, I never knew

Just how much trouble I did do

I could never sit still nor shut my trap

All I could do was yap,yap,yap


I did not know what was wrong with me

I thought I was normal you see


Normalcy is normal

Atypical was not

Here I was bouncing like a bunny

When surrounding me were robots


I did not realize the hardships I endured

I am in a much better place now, I assure


To spell out its name 

makes me think of the plus sign

in Math

Funny how that subject

was taking its wrath


The ironic thing of this is

this sign makes things bigger in its path

Why did I not think of that?


 Throughout college, I suffered and failed more

If I was smart, why was doing simple work a chore?


However, when I found out a part of me

I suddenly for the first time

Put on my glasses

and was able to see


I had a (n):

Adventurous spirit

Determinded mind

Humble heart

and a 

Delightful personality


And no one could tell me I could not achieve

Because I've make it this far

All you have to do is believe


With this, a learning disabilily is just a difference in learning 

Not a determiner of knowledge













This poem is about: 
My community


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