Pay Attention

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 19:03 -- bnr

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

the one who wants to

but can't socialize when working

pay no attention to the boy in the closet

who stays there

because his father beats him like he's lost it

pay no attention to the girl who draws her face on

it isn't really her

got the stilletos and the lace on

pay no attention to the woman standing tall

who doesn't need a man,

she has herself after all

pay attention to them without their masks on

so that they can get themselves back

their identities are half gone.

if you want it,

go out

and get it,

as an introvert I wish this phrase wasn't invented.

it can be hard to go out and talk to people,

it can be uncomfortable

too hot to keep cool

they want the some thing as you

love and affection,

but the world teaches them the only way to get it's through perfection.

that means

liking the opposite sex,

having a fly outfit

a nice body in a skin tight dress.

growing up poor,

you learn to take every opportunity that comes
to the door.

so when you make it to the top,

you think you deserve the best and you won't stop.

so you disguise yourself as the best

and put your front to the test

all you need is you and yourself I get it.

but now your shoe is too big and not even you can fit it.


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