Tue, 11/07/2017 - 23:54 -- JE5TER


What’s the point of it?

It’s not too hard

Little bobby got his teeth knocked too hard

Now he copied the deed started beating barbs

Too cocky to see boy saw nothing but stars

Boiling, and foiling plans from the start

Only problem is no one talks about bobbie’s part.

How he lost his heart

And from that day on

Bobby wasn’t the same

And everything went wrong


You had to choose

You gave in to lose

Now you’re spirit’s loose

And you’re looking for it 

Searching through the noose

chasing a wild goose

To think all the clues

Have been up to you

To decipher anytime

You had time for booze

you Forgot how to win

you only know how to lose

I’m sick of this shit

To tell you the truth

But in the end

I know this is what’s true


Nobody showed ya

What it is to love

Nobody showed ya

How to hold and hug

Without holding too much

Next thing you know they’re crushed

Thought you was too tough

But really just too rough

Around the edges

so Heed my message

And read your blessings

For the lord teach lessons

Keep your vision

Keep your mission

Stay committed

and you will be gifted


Just be honest

Let your wings fly free

Even if they’ve been bandaged

Stretch em out and breath

It’s ok to have scratches, scabs, scrapes and scars

Cause it only shows how strong you really are

It’s ok to show your joy, rage, or pain

To let someone hold on to your name

Cause you’re only human in the short game

But we only got so much time until it’s too late.


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My community
Our world


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