Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:48 -- Flora


Patiently waiting for the day that you come in and make volume of this hollowed soul,

Waiting for the pleasure,

Waiting for the ring of my phone,

I don’t know who “you” is just yet,

But anyone is welcome,


Is there one?(Please, tell me there’s one)


Is there one with the same butterflies in their stomach,

Fighting with the inhibitions and intuitions we both feel when we see each other,

I can only guess how you feel about me,

How you feel about the ideas of “we”,

How you feel,


But until then,

I’ll be patiently waiting for the day that you come in and make use of this vacant heart,

Constantly on vacation from relations,

Relatable to you,

Whoever you are,

Timid time and time again,

Tying knots are not what you resent,

You, we, fear emotions of the devotion we avoid,

All these feelings inside, never able to fill this void we share,


You and I are alike,

And i’ll be patiently waiting the day you come into my life,

Patiently waiting,

Whoever “you” is.

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