Path of the War Worn

A thousand blades glimmer in the moonlit night

Scattered around a drenched field

Handles tinted crimson from the fight

Many broken in contact with spear and shield


They lay stuck in the soft soil

Laid to rest next to their masters

Hundreds dead for the price of being loyal

The worst of manmade disasters


Some corpses decapitated

As maggots and vultures eat their fill

Respect is given to the fallen hated

Bodies stacked into wagons and buried as they warp and freeze still.


For those who return

Only two paths remain

One of a normal, peaceful, quiet life-long journ

The second filled with horror and violence until going insane.


So which is better

To forget all that has been done

And become your heart’s traitor

Or a life full of violent dreams which cannot be outrun?


Only you can decide

The laws of society which say to move on

Or that of the heart and soul that tell not be to yourself a con

So which to set do you abide?


The time to choose is now fast approaching

A life-time of decisions

On that path you are now devoting

Walk carefully my friend and avoid collisions.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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