This Path I Chose

I walk a path I chose myself

It started with a fork of freedom or wealth

The choice I made was none of those

I made my own path, that I chose

It can be rough and bumpy at times

Taking the high road, avoiding crimes

Being good and not bad

The truth is, it's very sad

Getting good karma, makes the day

But too much annoys me, and gets in the way

The days are long, the nights are short

This path I chose, is my last resort.


Feeling alone on this path

It keeps people away, to hide my wrath

Depression and solitude stay on my mind

I wish I could go, and leave it behind

Lingering like a monster, it just stays

Following me, bothering me, it won't go away

But you can't complain when it comes to this

Having some company, can make things bliss

Even though it's viscous

And from my conscious

I can't leave it,

It's a part of my spirit.


This path is long, and will last for years

Till the day I die, it will rain tears

My heart beats constant with every step

I'm losing energy, can't go another rep

The path I'm on is closing in

I have no regrets, and cleansed my sin

I can soon move on, to a new place

Troubles may be gone, and might be in grace

I can be wrong? But I'm  not sure,

This path I chose may not be pure.

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