The Path


The Path I tread is mine I chose.

Alone and unsure, the voices of doubt tread with me.

My only companions for four years in the long road to graduation.

The Path I dwell on is full of sound. 

Soundswiftlysoaring UPWARDS and plunging deeply into the lowest lows imaginable.

 Until my ears are surrounded by the cacophony of indescribable language.

So sweet and meticulous-I desire nothing more but to dive deep into the origins and meanings 

Of each word-each beautiful melodious, harsh, c h o p p y, flowing word. 

To loose myself in the pursuit of mastering each language as fluently as if I knew it the day I was born. 

To live, a modern-day nomad with the sole purpose of building families, breaking political ties, helping civilizations, creating opportunities, solving problems,

All starting with





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