The Pastor's Daughter


Your skirt should be to your knees, but ankle-length is better. Your father is always right; you mustn’t challenge the man of God so don’t ask questions (in case you happen to speak). You cannot be friends with someone who has differing views from your father’s; how would that reflect upon our family? You must always smile; God would never let hardships fall on his children, so don’t look like we have any in our life. If you can’t think of the proper way to sit, think of the pictures of Queen Elizabeth and try to sit like her; after all she was the “Virgin Queen” and you will remain a virgin until you marry your husband which will never happen if you don’t sit properly. But you weren’t a virgin when you were married, were you? When you shake the hand of a man, you must not squeeze too tightly; a man doesn’t want a woman who can become dominant in a relationship.  If someone happens to compliment you, smile shyly and kindly say they are mistaken; God doesn’t like those that are proud. Read your bible for at least an hour every day, but two hours is better. But mother, do you read your bible at all?

Never sit around doing nothing because you should never be bored. If you think you are bored, read your bible some more. Never talk while the sermon is going on; you will be a distraction and cause innocent souls to burn in Hell. Do not look around while the sermon is being preached because that would also cause eyes to look at you when they need to be focused on your father. You like when men look at you, mother.

 Do not judge someone openly; wait until their back is turned. Religion is like politics; say what will make people feel like they just won the lottery and you’ll have won their soul. Do not speak unless spoken to. Do not try to answer questions when you are asked them; your opinion doesn’t really matter and you were only asked so that the questioner may have the opportunity to tell you what your answer should be.  Should you believe something that differs from the beliefs of your father, keep it to yourself. Just because you no longer live at home doesn’t mean you can change; God is everywhere. Won’t God love me for who I am? You mean after all this time you don’t think this is who you are?


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