Past Reconciliations

A father gunned down right in front of me, a flash of red

a life taken faster than the way the bullet sped

my mother snorted lines, but never paid attention to mine

riddled and ridiculed with doubt, she never commented on my rhymes

a sister who was susceptible to abuse she took it all in stride

a brother with anger issues to hellbent on avenging pride

now back to my father, the one who cared for his two sons and sole daughter

the one who worked all day to provide for his family, food and water

he never questioned wrongdoings just worked to correct them

so when he saw a gang roll up and send some shots he never expected em

my mother was already hanging loosely to sanity this pushed her over the edge

she sold and bought so much product its what left her dead

nose to table, cocaine to the head, maybe she should have used a different process instead

she was so crazy she grabbed that razor by its edge, these are the memories i choose to forget

my sister moved away, met a man and had some kids

never mistreating her daughter or calling her a bitch

she clothes feeds, never beats them

never locks them in the freezer or mistreats them

my brother moved away choosing to hold on to anger rather than progress

dropped out of school, never attempted college or attaining knowledge

hes into those same drugs my mother used to do

my brothers head is so screwed loose as result of the abuse

and me i got taken in starving, beaten barely breathin

told to forget the past bed of memories and instead focus on the ones I sleep in

Do i balance them out or cast them out, i guess that im passive now

a kid who grew up in violence but hates the description tragic, wow

so never say i haven't struggled i turn to this for reference

exhibit a past of memories to a future that i hope is perfected



i dont know if explicit language is tolerated here....can anyone please confirm or deny this? if so ill know ahead of time next rap.

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