Past Meet Future's Fate

Do you remember when we first met?

Between the well and the tree?

Of course you do

For you are me and I is you

What a pair we made

With a pearl in his eye 

And us with a jewel in our soul

Both to be shattered 

By claw or by bow

Now both are lost 

And we parted

But three years pass

In but a blink of an eye

And you will jump

As I did

To lay forever at the bottom of the well

But soon this is not so

For the future is lived

And there are no ears to hear

That of his kind or his brother

Did you ever wonder why this is so?

Be at peace all is fine

The cycle turns

Ours and his seek shelter and refuge

When the time comes for you to do so

Look again to the tree

And open the door


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