In the Past

My life is filled with so much death

The saddening sight of vultures is always in the sky

They circle and circle until one day I am taken away myself,


The day the door was left open and he ran outside to chase a cat

I ran till the edge of the black paved road where he lay in silence

Tears slipped down my face as we buried him under the tree,


The day I went to check on you because they said you've been asleep too long

My sight of which you had a gun and blood lay on the sheets

I cried because my favorite uncle went and left that day,


The day I wanted to hold my grandpa's hand as the vultures were circling in

He didn't even recognize me and stared right through my soul with bright blue eyes

The sickness took him way too early and left me scared and alone,


Many pass away in life and leave you all alone

You feel as if you could've helped them in some way

But nothing can change the path of fate or destiny,


All lost loved ones forever live in our hearts

They watch over us during the day up in the clouds

And check on us at night from up in the stars,


The vultures continue to circle around till my day has come

But I'm not scared because I have loved ones waiting for me

There's no point in being scared anyway because you can't change fate's path.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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