Passive Awaiting Significance

I t ’ s a l l a h a z e.
A B L O B, a b l u r.

n t
I’m u c r a n.
e i

Everyone in the world is here for each other.
Who’s present to assist me?

I understand I’ll never be one’s first choice
Nor the one someone protects from pain.
I won’t be recognized for all that I do.
Only judged.

No one sees clearly.
No one knows.

Always on the e

Not a word spoken
Is heard.
An action done
Goes unrecognized.

Watching myself t t on eggshells.
i o
p e
Wallowing in my self-destruct.

I desire the feel of significance.

A human with importance
In one’s life,
Within the world that surrounds us
Or the universe – bigger than all combined.

I’m a passive awaiting significance.


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