Passions of a Beast (Lyrics from Passions of a ...)

Mon, 01/21/2019 - 23:42 -- m.n.i.w

This is passions of a beast when we clawing up the sheets.
Feel the pain,
feel the love,
everything held beneath.
Flooding deep.
Getting deeper.
Feel my world starting sink.
How she rock herself to sleep?
How her bones running weak?
How dare I tat freedom when cells blood deep?

What is happiness in misery?
That beautiful smile.
My inner child still smiling though these time's wild.

Peace. To the bodies rested. Time invested couldn't slow down the fatal seconds. How dare my auntie self destruct? You see the tears shed. They over flowing cuz my momma on that same tread. Mill running. Running from strikes and thunder. I see those storms never settled. She stirring pots kettled. Can't you see I'm furnace? Cant you see me burning? Sparking trees hanging high same story turning. I don't need no ropes. Her wither strangling. How the Godd maintaining when the Mother psyche dangling.

I know the antidote.
Dont need no baking sod'.
It be dat love,
it be dat love,
it be piano notes.
It be dat drum solo.
It be dat tidal stroke.
It be all the above.
If you aint know.

That's why these eyelids flow.
That's why my notebook glow.
Sorrows soaked every beat that strummed the highs and lows.
Praying that they sing a song for me.

I pray they singing a song for me.

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My family


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