Passionate Kisses


United States
47° 18' 6.1092" N, 111° 21' 6.4476" W

He keeps me safe. He keeps me warm. I want to spend forever in his arms. We build a world on passionate kisses, and when I'm with him, I'm home. There is no yesterday. He makes the hurt go away. There's no reason to hide it, and why should I fight it? I'm in love with an angel, and his kisses are like a shield. So as long as he loves me, I can live carefree in the world we made from passionate kisses. I don't have to wish any childlike wishes, only dream of him. We expand our world on promises whispered. I'm breathing in hopes of a life and a future. Forever could be never, and tomorrow is so far way, but as long as I'm with him, forever is today. And that's more than enough for me to survive. His love makes me glad to be alive. He's the music I hear, echoing off the mountains in our world of passionate kisses. He is the melody; I only harmonize. In a world full of remixes, we become our own song. He's the colors I see when I close my eyes. He is what's good and pure and true. He is love, and he is mine, so love is mine. I live in a world of passionate kisses, and my world is sublime.


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