Being a poet to me is letting the world hear your thoughts and see your pain. 

Being a poet to me is expressing the times your heart being cut and wounded countlessly times.

Being a poet helped me understand who I am.

It was more than just a couple of words written on a piece of paper.

It was the way of showing a real uncut version of life.

The passion for keep writing even if you felt like it was cliche.

Almost like showing the key to your diary but not being ashamed.

Since it's your experience told through your eyes.

I used to say I wanted to go blind because what I went through.

From seeing death, pain, and broken promises

Who would want to see much more?

In your own imaginative world controlling what to see and feel.

But I realize writing,poetry... life is my diary, imaginative world

of expressing my passion to freely being me.

This what made me become a poet and love poetry.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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