Oh, Passion Paris look

what the enemies done 
all trust is gone in a world of hate
but never lose faith in true Love,

from heaven above,

this pain that cut deep into the hearts 
has been going on way to long
Look at what you are doing

your haters of the lands, 
children crying over mothers and fathers 
who had died in a nasty fight,

darkness is casting spells of neglect 
it's hard to find love in blood shed 
look into the eyes of the lies

of a world, so cold,

look at love just drift away
fever inside a darken storm

cries for the true Light
Please never turn away from Jehovah,

you will see in this cold world

haters casting the stones, 
how can you mend the wounds

when they keep getting cut open,

Oh, burning whispers of the wind

why do you come again? 
just to remind me of this cold empty world 
killing innocence of Paris,

this evil makes me feel so alone 
because we live in a world of war 
I don't want to feel the life

of depression of this darkness,

I've had enough of this cold world 
I pray for Paris and all the people in it
I say let not man lead the way in faith,

let Jehovah and our Lord Jesus Christ

lead the way;
above the sounds of vast waters, 
the majestic breaking waves of the sea
Jehovah is the majestic in the height,

 your own reminders have proved

very trustworthy; 
Oh, Jehovah acts of vengeance

beam forth and fight this war.


Poetic Judy Emery © 2004

The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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