Buttons pop off seam by seam
No baby this is not a dream

Chest bearing chest
He is trying to make sure that is is the best

Belt unbuckles , pants hit the ground
Oh now you must know its going down

Taking you from town to town, there's no fooling around with this
30 seconds of pleasure sweat dripping from everywhere

Both went walking in with no fear
Time passes and no calls or emails exchanged
He got what he wanted and was gone, in a flash, with nothing to blame

She feels that feeling in her stomach , knowing something is not right
So she goes to doctor to see will she be alright
Walking out, tears fill her eyes and worries fill her head
Baby on the way how will it get fed

She can't turn to her family her pride is to big
Only god knows how will she raise this kid.
She turns to her weekend lover to see what will be the outcome
He looks at her as if he doesn't know where this is coming from
Throwing twenty dollars on the floor he says you know what to do and leaves

Leaving out that door, a baby no longer with a father or a chance in the world
So tell me this, what is worth your time; passion or a mistake ?


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