Passed memories

Passed memories, 

Left in a place of paradise 

Unique and particular moments 

Where some could dream of ever sharing

Memories of specific times-


A clear blue sky; an older women sits by

As she reminisces of her own life.


With her flannel nightgown she covers

Her already fragile body she cuddles

Smiling inside; as she’s being watched

From an aunts terrace above.


Stolen memories of no longer being

Of no longer seeing and no more thoughts.

Stolen memories erasing feelings

Of touchy conceptions turned to default.


Unwanted remembrance 

Transpiring times forgotten, 

Wishful fulfillments lost so far off;

Like pushed toward the sea

Unsure of certain thoughts

Of fear it becomes unbearable hurt.


These thoughts could get lost

Though bound to result 

In our minds will recount

Of a miss or an absence 

No matter the conscience.


Those memories will arise

And soar in our hearts

No longer a fight

Rather it’d weaken your mind

To surrender the strive

Or leave you at frail.


While in the mind she’s alive

No longer a passed

But a pass for short time

Like moments in motion 

Reliving inside.

This poem is about: 
My family
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