Part three poetry


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“No one knows how poetic I am. It’s an inside talent that only defines who I am. I could talk all day and nobody would ever listen, my mama and I stayed arguing in the kitchen. When I get mad, I have a tendency to write, I include all feelings, even the ones deep down inside. I keep quiet and keep my words to myself. ‘Cause I don’t want to be copyrighted by anyone else. “I can be called Poetic Quiet. When I walk by myself, I’m always free-styling by singing or pretending like I’m on stage at a poetry slam. I’m pretty talented at poetry; I’m just too shy to express how I feel. But don’t get me wrong, I will write for you. I found looking for three different poems that relate to my life easy because I have wrote poems that had similar meaning to the ones I chose before.
The first time I read “How I got my name” by Jacqueline Woods; I automatically went back in time and relived the memories of dancing with my mom and dad. I remember dancing with my mama to a slow, smooth, R&B song. I call it; a slow jam. My mom knelled to my level and held me close as we swayed from left to right. I also remember dancing with my daddy. We danced to a song called “Jump” by Kriss-Kross. I enjoyed hip hop better than R&B. My mom and my daddy eventually gave me the nickname “Boogie” because I loved to dance.
Reading “Confusion” by Christopher Maurer made me see my life in a book. I’m always confused all the time. Sometimes I can’t find myself, sometimes I know exactly where I want to be, and sometimes I don’t even know who I am. I wonder who I would be if I wasn't in the band or if I wasn't gay. I wonder how the world would be if 2pac was still alive. I wonder what kind of house problems would there be if my mama and my daddy were still together. If I were a boy, I’d be shy, quiet, and I wouldn't have game. I’d be a basketball player and I’d smoke weed. As a girl, I wouldn't be shy, I’d play softball, I would have the best game in the world and I wouldn't smoke. So who am I? Do this mixed personality thing have something to do with me being a Gemini? Or is it because my twin sister’s soul is inside of me? Who knows? The only solution is to keep living and never stop experimenting.
“Important” by Shel Silverstien made me realize what my presence really mean. Without me, who would you be? Who will make you laugh all the time? Where would all the high energy come from in the band? Who would make your day? Without me, you would probably be upset all of the time. You wouldn’t have anybody to give you a hug when you need it the most, you wouldn't be able to smile as often as you do now, and there isn’t anybody else out there who can help you become satisfied without me. Having me alive today is the best thing that ever happened to you.

Do you feel where I’m coming from now? D o you understand a little more about my feelings? I don’t like to read poetry out loud or freestyle because I stutter. I don’t like when people mock me. I get angry and I hate being angry. I just don’t say anything at all. It’s embarrassing. I used to stutter all the time in middle school. But let’s get off this subject. I conclude this story with a poem; a free styled poem of everything on my mind.

I wonder if you’d still love me if I told you the truth.
I wonder if it’ll ever stop.
Like will I ever be happy again or will I continue to be mean and angry.
What happens if I just started rapping out loud?
Would you laugh or bob your head.
Not that loud though.
Let’s not decide to get turnt up now…
It’s too late.
I’m live, you lame. I’m a gentleman and you ain’t. I got the best things in life and don’t even realize it and there is nothing you can do about it.
Nuff said.


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