"The Part"

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:53 -- Flora

This is where we become separate,


This is where we separate,

You see, we need to evaporate,

Need to condensate this love,

Let it precipitate,


This is where we split in two,

And still stay together,

Where you become positive,

And i negative,

Because opposites attract,

Two halves become one,

And make a whole lot of love,


This doesn’t have to be ritual,

Metaphysical, spiritual, mystical is what i was hoping for,

This is where you look into my eyes with curiosity like late nights watching Skinemax,

Oops, i meant cinemax,


This is the part that we could imitate,

Or we could emulate,

Let us not hesitate,

Grant us this moment,

To hold it,

This love.

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