A nighttime fantasy more brilliant then any before

I woke up with cramps as well as blood

Bawled for my mom across the room

This was not any mensuration.

I touched below

Vagina and a crown

I scream

A baby will be in my bed.

Ripping and tearing 

Pain I've only heard described.

It comes out,

I have a half of a second to breathe,

"There's another one coming!"

I pass out.


Ages must have past

I awake to a pack-n-play.

The pain still a phantom.

In the corner,

Not from the past

I look in,

Two heads I see .

One awake

One asleep

I pick up one with wide eyes.

Hair thick and black a mixture of my mother' and mine.

Nose straight,

Lips thin,

Brown eyes, long lashes

Open Wide.

Tan skin maybe a hint lighter then mine.

Fidgeting and moving; wanting to look around.

"Parker you are going to be a hand full."

I lay him back down, face I shall never forget,

Engraved in my mind.

A vision of the future maybe...


Not of my Imagination.

My baby Parker was no fabrication.







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