The Park


Taking a step into the one place that fills me with euphoria,

my senses become bolder and my mind proceeds to de-cloud.

The picnic tables are in their usual place,

waiting for me to sit, coaxing me like a Siren's call, to relax.

The green and white paint is chipping away from all the family gatherings, but I don't care.

This place has become my Utopia.

I am no longer in the town with the arguing boyfriend and girlfriend standing on the corner, 

fighting over a missed phone call,

but instead are replaced with the infatuated couple cuddling under the Oak tree.

There are no longer children screaming and crying for the toy the parent refuses to buy,

they are now children letting out shrieks of delight.

Children with pure optimism and light hearted laughter as they run and play.

I come here to get away from my troubles. 

They don't follow me here.

There are no fighting parents and no drama with fellow classmates.

This is a "stress-free-zone".

I can clear my mind of worries and I can be carefree,

at least for a while.

Here, I am free.

Free to dream,

free to scream,

and free to belong.

I stand before the before the swings with their rusted links and squeaking chains.

I take a seat, letting the cool breeze create a gentle sway.

I come here through all types of weather.

I'll stay here through the sweltering heat of summer.

Reavaluate my life in the bitter cold that comes with winter.

Show emotion on the humid days of spring and swing higher through the crisp fall air.

On the swings, I can float. 

I'm able to fly.

Seeing an overview of my Utopia, I am content. 

The children are now gone,

rushing home for evening supper;

the captivated couple now standing to leave.

With one deep inhale of musky, nature filled air, I close my eyes,

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 

Marquette Park".


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