A Parent's Prayer

Today is Father's Day, a day that is very rough for me every single year. My daddy 

passed away when I was only 2 years old so I have no memory of him. But, him and

I share the same passion of poetry of writing. So, in honor of him on this Day? I wanted

to recite a poem he never published.

"A Parent's Prayer-

Dear God, I pray for the strength, wisdom, and courage to raise my children.

Help Me to recieve the knowledge, so I can help my children grow straight and tall

like the tree of your creation.

Help Me to teach my children to use their minds like the branches of a tree 

reaching out in all directions to the sun which gives it life.

Help Me to understand courage, so I can teach my tree to stand like the deserts

sands, as long as there is truth.

Help Me in my understanding of you, so my children will have a understanding of you

and see the things manifested by you.

Help Me to attain the strength that is required of me so I can fulfill my duty 

and so my children will know and understand their duty.

-Northern J. Braxton"




This poem is about: 
My family


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