I assure you that my love is sincere,

but you fear that I may betray you and you push me away.

I figure you may have some trust issues, so that’s okay.

Still, you say you love me, and because I love you too I believe in your words,

although your distrust in my response tosses my soul to the hard curb.

This is only the effect due to the FACT that I do love you.


And I want you to know that you mean so much to me.

You are my flower,

my tulip,

my garden,

my muse,

my windmill that spins me round into infinity,

and splits me into two.

And even if they’re completely separate halves their similarity would be their adoration for you.

No matter how much time passes I assure you that these names and this poem would only ever be for you.


You told me love doesn't last forever, but i’ll tell you what that really means, it means we’ll both love each other as long as we’re in this life, and in these bodies.

You are special to me, and even if this poem doesn't actually rock,

I wouldn't mind if you laughed at me telling me how much it sucks.

Because I enjoy your laughter and treasure your smiles.

You are my paramour, and i’m here to stay for a very,very, very long while.


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