Paradise Lost

If I was stranded  on an island

With no hesitation  I’d take you

You’re the only one I'd want to be around

when theres an option for just two

Bringing sunshine to my day

stronger then the sun’s rays

I could lie on the sand and hold your hand

While admiring you gaze

Through the stormy nights you’d hold me tight and I the same to you

As kindred    souls our love would grow on an island fit for two.

Some people would pick an item some

 an endless supply of food

Some people would laugh at me because out of everything I picked you

But they don’t understand that even with a physical possession

They may never be satisfied 

Because while the physical aspect is happy it’s your mental that will die

Your brain begins to turn to mush

Like durian rotten inside

Because man was not meant to be alone

And come to think of it neither was I


So what do I choose to take with me?

Well.... I choose a guy

A friend a lover

a companion  

my cover

To reside with and or happily die 

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