Paradise lies in thy eyes ....


Paradise lies in thy eyes,
Beauty sleep in thy body.
For each time thee take to smile
thee takes I to a utopian isle.


Thy love be waters of life.
Immortality, be my wife.
The meaning of perfection is thy beauty,
No man can exaggerate thy "prettiness".

I am in holy heavens when I lie beside thee,
Believe he,
Thy love has bless me
Thy “caringness”, even a blind see.
If a man has a wish,
It is perpetually loving thee.

Let I sleep forever in the Hades of thy love
A love that is celestial, sweet mystic from above
If thy love be "Shoel",
Forever, a man shall sleep beneath surface of soil.
As truth is holy, promise is sacred, my words I shall keep
And I shall remember thee even in my eternal sleep

If day be night,
I shall bringeth thee a light.
If day be dark,
Let I be thy noon.

If today be gone,
I shall be thy morrow.
If tears be pain,
May you know no sorrow.
If thy love be drama,
I shall be thy Shakespeare.
If thy love be a soldier in war,
I shall be thy weapon, a spear.
If thy love be Christ,
Die not for my sins, but live for this love
If thy love be Holy ghost,
Bless I not with silver nor gold,
But with one, love from above.
Love above all, even the sky.
Love be blind but I see sooth in thy eyes

As I shall love thee like the stars love the sky
Love thee like the birds loves to fly
Love thee like every morning love the light
Love thee like the sun loves to bright
I love thee like the waters love the sea
I love thee like the blind wish to see
Love thee like the eyes love the face
Love thee like poets love poetry
I love thee, like a soul song melody
Love thee like a joker loves comedy
Love thee, oh sweet love
Not fantasy
And in the atmosphere of this sweet love,
Forever, I shall sleep
And oh sweet unconsciousness, I shall dream
When covered with the blanket of thy holy beauty
Like a baby, I shall lie in thy body
Like ant in honey,
Love is priceless "un- bought" by money
Above luxury
thy love is priceless
Your beauty is endless


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