I'm sorry teacher, I didn't do my homework because

Life is pointless

I'm sorry people, I'm gonna miss you so much but

Now I'm getting careless


I'm sorry anybody, everyone I've gotten to meet

I'm putting on my favorite shoes and walking out on the street

Gonna blow a kiss goodbye, I'm walking away

And don't you even try to stop my fucking parade


I'm marching up the boulevard

It's all just a great work of art

Photographs to mark my paths

I want I want your autographs


I'm marking up my body

I'm changing how you see me

This is a great embrace

Don't be shy, let's celebrate


Hello creature, I hope you're happy because

Life could be amazing

Good morning sunny, I wanna feel you on me and

See you burn the pavement


I want the world to realize that I'm alive and awake

My heart will never quit and never will take a break

With worlds in the sky and fireworks in my eyes

I'm screaming till I'm feeling how it feels to die

I'm breathing till I'm breaking out it panic alright

I'm cheering on the little things to feel alive

I'm feeding and impeding for my own demise

Open up and take a step and just go outside


I'm hoping that you're thinking on a brand new story

Where we could mess around and still find our glory

Cause tired eyes will never open up in time

To see what we've been missing is a different line


I'm sorry teacher, I didn't do my homework because

Life could be amazing


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