Parable of the Beggar

Weary were the feet of the the monk

For the wind had battered him so

Religious was his noble quest

However noble he questioned though


He instead peered to the sky

And saw the flight of the crow

He reached his hand out far and long

Funnily it bore no fruit

For where or why it flew

Of that

The monk

He did not know


Anciently this land looked upon him

This father cocked his shining eye

But beneath the monk did pass

Under his hood stood no grin

For he saw the man had seen

And right beside the River Rhine

His toes wriggled in the grass


As the monk stood

Locked and fearful of law

Old Man Dio crossed the river

“We’ve water enough”

Crooned Old Man Dio

Jeans battered with love

The monk he wiped his sleeve

The monk began to walk


Rest was found in the House of Dio

Generous as he was was

But the monk

He drank his wine and washed his feet

In the morn the monk awoke

In the House of Dio

Germs and tainted sin

Of hedonism the monk did take

And he cried once again


His year of passion did falter

And the monk knew he must go

Escape the land of love and hate

And learn the mother he did not know

Solace the monk took with him

The wind whipped his dragging robe

And somberly

He dirtied his feet along the winding road


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Our world


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