Paper Perfect

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 13:06 -- ammo

“I’ll never be that pretty”

All young girls know the line

They have repeated it over and over

Lost count how many times

“How sad.  No young girl should feel this way.”

Open your eyes

Who are you to say

“You are perfect just the way you are.”

We won’t believe you, young girls like me

Because society has told us an entirely different story

This is the truth:

That what we believe is perfect is such a lie

We hate ourselves because we are compared

To that paper perfect girl over there

We see others that look like her or at least try

And we hate ourselves even more

Because if she can, why can’t I?

We want to be someone else

Anyone but ourselves

Someone more perfect, someone like her

But what we don’t know is what we don’t see

It’s what very few people do

So how are we?

She’s not perfect at all

That paper girl

On display, being judged by all

This for sure, we will never know

Who truly sees this girl behind the shoot and fashion show?

Look through the glass, no naked eyes please


All we know is perfection isn’t real

No one can be perfect, right?

But we will, we have to, we'll at least try

The thing is were judged by what society tells us what’s so

If that girl is really real, no one will ever know

Do you see how this is so unbelievably unfair?

Why do we let society tell us

What is the perfect body, nails, makeup, hair?

We are fed lies, from when we are young

And people expect us to love ourselves just the way we come

“Be you”

What hypocrites to tell us to do so

Is that girl really herself, do you really know?

When we look in the mirror this is what we see:

A sea of imperfection

“I’ll never be that pretty”


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