Paper Heart

Our love was like no other. 

I'd say it stretched further 

Than any murmur.

We were there for one another. 


Then you went on hiding 

Secrets that you didn't want me finding.

You tried to cover them up by lying.

Now everything's dying. 


All your stupid lies,

Pierced through my paper heart like knives.

Even though I let out several cries

You never once dared to look at me in the eyes.


Love shouldn't be treated as if its a game.

If you're going to hurt someone at least make a proclaim,

Because everything is going to erupt into a flame,

And then that person will never feel or look at you the same.


Love is a delicate work of art, 

One that shouldn't hurt, lie, or depart. 

From the very start,  

I gave you my paper heart.....


This poem is about: 


Audrey Mamedu

I understand your pain and i hope you get healed. Truth is we all have paper hearts and one day or so thyre going to tear but, just like paper, it can be glued back together. It might take a while and things might never go back to the way they were but for now, smile and hope for the best.

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