Paper Heart

oh dear little girl

what were you thinking

falling for a boy

like that


i know what you say

you loved him

he could have

might have

at one point

loved you


but he didn't


you see

you did love him

he probably loved you too

but not

as strong

as you did


and i'm sorry baby

that this happened

but it will be better




you must be careful

do not hide your heart

do not shut people out

you will be lonely


but don't be so open

don't just jump

on every guy

who gives you love

every guy

who shows interest


not every guy

is going to be 

the guy


don't have a paper heart

that is so easily torn

stepped on 

and damaged



the sad thing is

that we all have

a paper heart

something that is once

smooth and clean

nice and new

but then

life comes

and it may take your heart

and crush it

in it's fingers

rip it apart

throw it on the ground

run it over many times

and it will hurt

i know it will

and then you may stay there

with your heart broken

not willing to fix it

however you must

you must do it


you can't wait for someone else to come along

to do


you have to mend


and then when 

you take the pieces

of your paper heart

and put them back together


they may not be perfect

your heart

will not be the same

but as long as

it is whole

then you will be too

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