Paper and Pen

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 20:30 -- Alanisr

Pouring out feelings with paper and pen,

Only came to me fully when I became ten,

Ending fifth grade was a dream of the past,

Two years went by yes they went oh, so fast,

Raiding my mind with what made my heart crash,

Young and depressed that year passed in a flash,

Smiles fading away as I searched for a cure,

Always left feeling lonely and so insecure,

Venturing thoughts for what might set me free,

Every thought led back to when I used to read,

Diving back in with my paper and pen,

Mind returning to poems and books to no end,

Ending this here has been proven quite hard,

❤️ Just look at the first letter of each line since the start.


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