Sun, 10/15/2017 - 17:54 -- Jozondi

Paper constantly gets the award for creative potential

Creating Creations with artistic purity that’s essential

Within its boundaries, universes are created, life is

generated and then its dissipated, good and evil are subjugated

Some papers are loved others are hated all depending on the

content that’s being debated, when I’m writing I’m in the

zone feeling rejuvenated, or better yet, I’m feeling elevated

Paper is the classic medieval story

Knights fighting in the fields seeking the glory

and honor or maybe its the story of the scholar

focused on their passion they ain’t in it for the dollars

not seeking any crowd for them to go and pop there collars

they are only looking to become the new Founding Fathers

No matter the journey

or what they’re earning

they travel with a passion inside there heart that’s burning

in there head the creative gears start turning

Finally, we are actually excited to be learning

See paper stands for way more than just a test

its sole purpose is not to only create stress

but rather to bring this world to life

open a book and dive

to the place where your wildest dreams come alive

Trust me to get to this place is worth the drive

Computer: Welcome to Heaven, you have arrived!

In my dreams I hope creativity is always savored

Even if it comes from a blank piece of paper

This poem is about: 
Our world


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