The Pansexual Conversation

You like boys right?

Uh yeah, I do.

Have you found one yet?

Not yet but maybe soon!


You like girls too?

Yeah, that’s true!

So you’re bisexual?

Nope! Not me!

So are you gay, straight, or bi?

Is neither alright?


You like people who are trans?

Well yeah, they’re boys and girls too!

Well, they aren’t really-

What you were gonna say isn’t true. 


You like people who are nonbinary?

Yes that too!

How many people do you wanna sleep with?!

That’s not what’s on my mind dude!


Gender doesn’t matter to me

Because a person is a person

I care more about their heart

Than what’s underneath their skirt


As long as they’re into me

And I’m into them

I’ll give them a shot

Because they might be a catch


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