Sat, 03/16/2019 - 21:51 -- mbep


A sheet of red covering my brain

Breaths coming fast

Too fast.

No danger, just my thoughts,

As I ride in the back

The landscape passes by,

And I decide

To throw my panic to the wind

Leave it behind…

For just a while longer.


But days turned to months,

Months to a year,

Until finally, I couldn’t stop.

The panic set in

At just a hint.

To stop the fear,

I stopped the thoughts,

But they eventually caught up.

It was almost too late,

the opportunity almost passed me by.


But just in time,

I realized,

You can’t avoid fear for long,

It eventually catches up.

You can’t give in,

Nor let panic overcome,

Because fear can debilitate

Or strengthen.

It can rise you to new heights

And show you things you’ve never seen before.

Because from the clouds,

You see both where you’re from

And where you can go.

But you need to leave the ground first.


All the time, all the panic

I just needed to learn

That I had wings to fly.

To learn that I could go to college

To succeed, to rise.

To grow and find my own strength

My own way.

Without the fear,

I would never have grown

To meet my full potential.

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