i woke up today

i woke up in my old bed, my momma blasting mexican music throughout the house

the smell of fresh pancakes fills my nostrils 

i woke up today and i was 8 again 

my frizzy hair covering my face like a sheild, in my dora pjs, and waiting for my pancakes

my dad at the head of the table telling me to move my hair out of my face

then i woke up for real 

i was drenched in sweat, there was no music, no pancakes, and no pjs

my frizzy hair was cut short and my dad wasnt at the head of my table 

i get into my car and drive my mind is not there but my body knows what to do 

i park my car and walk up to the front door, the smell of pancakes fills my nostrils

i knock, my momma answers the door and says "mija what are you doing here so early"

i look at her and say "i wanted pancakes".

This poem is about: 
My family
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