Pain..then GAIN


United States
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No matter where I am or where I go...its always possible.

Life has a funny way of working
look into that blue room there
a womans pain is being spoken.
Shes crying, shes screaming
"Don't touch me I'm broken!"
Her words have been spoken
Her lovers hand shes holding
Look into his eyes,
his sorrows are awoken.
Wishing away the pain for his wife..his token.
Nurses and doctors run in and out
Tending to the courageous woman who shouts
So much pain and hurt
Woman screams! Husband curse..
Orders are thrown. curses are flown.
"Push!" said the doctor.
"she needs med!" said the lover.
Then silence set.
For that little blue room there a newborn now nest.
Where there once was a woman,
a mother now lays.
Sleeping on thoughts
of the little girl they'll raise.

Told you before life works in mysterious ways.
For the pain that she had..a life she gained.



this is not intended for anyone
just for scholorship slam

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