Painted in Love

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 15:28 -- Lenayep

Fist meets flesh, the sound of whips

I'm doing this because I love you

That you may, but one hit missed

You struck me in my face 

No apology

I fell to my knee's and cried

Because I love you

At night, the covers over my head the thoughts of how I could die

to make you regret

I'm sorry that I'm such a mess

Has there ever been a moment where you thought

I wanted a hug, just a bit of love

To smile as you tied my shoe when I fail

And simply say, Because I love you

Or maybe, hold me tight at night

and protect me from the monsters under my bed

Not harm a strand of hair on my head, thats what you do

As you hold me and say

Because I love you

Oh dear, oh dear how I love you

But what can I say

Lifes not fair you said

You have food in stomach and a roof over your head

Your not suffering are you?

I sacraficed so much

Because I love you

Just like you do, I had dreams and goals

But 9 months later all of that had to be put on hold

What is love you ask?

Its more than just red and gold

Love brings hate, pain, and death

But if you cherish it

It brings sunshine and joy

Like the colors white and black

it has no beginning or end

Love will bring wars and give you a postion to stand

Love causes insanity, as insane as Macbeth

Because I love you

Though you hurt me sometimes

My love is a mess




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