Painted Lady

Sun, 04/08/2018 - 14:47 -- tarbox7


“With a worm like fury body and three pairs of legs,

I was made...

to eat leaves and plants, was my given trade.

I crawl on the ground and climb up trees,

knowing one day soon,

I will fly like the birds and the bees.

My time on earth is only four weeks,

then I will be changed and reach my peak.

It's happening now! I can hardly wait!

I'm being transformed to a higher state.”

Then everyone will say:

“Oh how magnificent you are!

You're more beautiful than a rainbow or shinning star.

With unfurled wings you take to the sky...

a 3000 mile journey, 1500 feet high.

You provide food for the nestling songbirds

and help flowers grow,

unlike any other creature

above the earth or below.

With brilliantly multi-colored flapping wings,

like sunbeams brought to life: you flutter and glow...

from flower to flower, you circle and spin.

By Milton L. Delgado
April 8, 2018


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