Pains Purpose: Hurt Turned To Helping


United States

The cloudy thoughts that fill my mind

My secret truths most cannot find

To the close few I give my time

I speak my lies as if I’m fine

An outlet for what I contain

The truths I know must explain

The spoken word seems to fall short

Meanings too easy to distort

But hidden in a rhythmic beat

My pain cannot remain discreet


A secret love I can’t reveal

A trauma that still seems unreal

The hidden pain I keep inside

The hate I see in my own eyes

My redemption found a new form

To help those still trapped in life’s storm

To help those who have felt the same

Gave a purpose for all the pain

I fear not what my words can do

Nor the darkness in my souls hue


For I have found my great escape

Light hidden in what I can make

Like ancient men from long ago

My words needed a place to go

To banish darkness and bring light

I knew I could not be polite

I’ve read the words of those long gone

But their styles I can’t take on

For while those words do hold wisdom

They seem to lack any freedom


So to save my mind from darkness

An old form I must now harness

A form of text that is diverse

Where I can make a perfect verse

I found an outlet for my pain

And somehow I have remained sane

I’m not perfect, nor do I care

My rights and wrongs I gladly share

Wise men hide knowledge in there tomes

But me, I hide truth in my poems


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