The Pains of Anal Sex, and Why I Need It.

"Are you sure you feel okay?" he asked me


A bittersweet feeling filled me up to the brim

With deep thought.  I cried, trying to keep the

Demons out of the light.. I worried that

 They wanted him like they wanted the light.


"I really don't want to hurt you," he exclaimed


A rush of pleasurable pain overwhelmed

My mind.  I stared deep into his eyes and,

Like a mother to kin, I took pain by the helm

And delved further into the abyss.


"Please don't go any farther than you can"


I jumped down, only to rise out as a cold,

Scared child, myself. What I saw in the pit

Was my own dignity, insecure and dulled

By the emptiness I saw as I left the hole.


"Are you enjoying this? You're really good at it"


Now I find myself craving the hell down

Under. I can recognize everything in light,

But light lies, like demons. In there I found

where everyone shows their most primal form.


"That was amazing. Thank you. I'm so happy

To have shared that experience with you."


And you, by nature, are exactly what I need.

Patient, caring, concerned, fulfilling.

I found you in the dark, and in the dark,

That honest, sincere dark we stay.


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