The Painful Recollection Of Losing You

The painful recollection of losing you has severely disheartened me.
Time can never take away the record of your love from my mind.
Other women have given me the opportunity to love them.
Nevertheless, I’ll wait patiently for you in loneliness.
The minutes are like hours and the days feel like months.
I should salvage what is left of my heart and move on without you,
But I just can’t relinquish my only hope for happiness.
Your emotive love is the one thing in life worth living for now.
Every day I miss you more and it worsens my sadness.
I’ve got an aeonian love for you that years or distance can’t change.
It will take longer than the end of time to make me forget you.

The nights you’ve nestled your head in my chest felt as good as life.
Your loveliness is all I can think about since you’ve deserted me.
I recall the way you used to love me from the heart.
You had faith in me; your love was unlike any love that I’ve known.
Nevertheless, I took you for granted and I let you down.
If you return to me, I’d get more chance than I deserve.
The possibility of seeing you again is drifting further away.
But if you still need my love, my hope is not completely gone.
I shan’t dismiss the expectation that someday you’ll answer my calls.
If I’m wasting my time on you, it doesn’t matter at all.
I’d rather bear the painful recollection of losing you than forget you.


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